Do you need motivation to rise to the top of your game? Could you be the next leading expert in your field? Each day, professional speaker and author Douglas Kruger sends out a free motivational video on how you can go ‘from amateur to expert,’ based on his bestselling books, ‘Own Your Industry,’ and ‘What Makes Them Great?’.


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Experts understand the wonderful creative tension that exists between 'knowledge' and 'personality.' You can't be all professor. But you can't be all rockstar either. Douglas Kruger, Hall of Fame speaker and business author, explores the interplay of qualities that make up an industry icon. In addition to presenting daily episodes of 'From Amateur to Expert,' Douglas is the author of eight business books with Penguin, including 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,' and 'What Makes Them Great? 50 Ways to Become the Industry Leader.' Meet him at

Your metrics add up over time. But only if you have the stomach for the slow, lonely and often frustrating slog that necessarily goes on behind the scenes. Big goals take time, focus and consistency. Professional speaker and business author Douglas Kruger explores the dynamic of sustained effort and hard-won progress. Meet Douglas at He speaks on issues pertaining to leadership, culture, innovation and wealth.

Google and Intel both conquered the world. To do so, they used a simple goal-setting system called 'OKRs.' The system is easy to grasp and simplifies your life. As you build your business, brand and reputation, here is how you can keep yourself 'on mission.' Douglas Kruger is an author and speaker. He has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by the PSASA. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional. Meet him at

Focus is everything. You could spend ten years racking up achievements, or you could spend the same time dissipating your energy. The difference lies in how clearly you have defined your mission; what it is you do in the universe. Douglas Kruger, professional speaker and business author, shows you how to create focus with a simple mission statement. Douglas puts out a new video each weekday, helping you to go 'From Amateur to Expert.' He is the author of eight business books with Penguin, and a Hall of Fame and CSP Speaker. Meet him at

A rare few individuals make an interesting choice: the choice to stand out by design. What is expert-positioning, and what changes in your life when you make that choice? Douglas Kruger is a speaker and bestselling author with Penguin. He presents globally on the topic: 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert.' Meet him at Book him as the keynote speaker for your next event.

When we see bad habits, in ourselves or in our teams, we are often tempted to perform 'deep archaeology' to fix it. It's the wrong approach. The right approach is simpler. Culture is merely the result of actions. Teach them this technique: 'When THIS happens, I want you to do THAT instead.' Douglas Kruger is an international speaker and the author of several business books with Penguin, including, 'They're Your Rules, Break Them!' Meet him at Book him as the keynote speaker for your next leadership or sales conference.

Rich people think differently. For instance, they have learned to see 'ghost money.' Are you aware of how ghost money moves in and out of your account, and how you can use it to your advantage? Douglas Kruger is a global speaker, and the bestselling author of seven business books with Penguin, including 'Poverty Proof - 50 Ways to Train your Brain for Wealth,' and 'Is Your Thinking Keeping you Poor? 50 Ways the Rich Think Differently.' Each weekday, he shares new tips on work, wealth, and how to 'own' your industry. Meet him at Book him as the keynote speaker for your next event.

Whether you need fans, tribes, followers or customers, you will need to expend energy reaching them. Here is the biggest mistake entrepreneurs and new business owners make when heading out to conquer the world. Change this one thing, and you change how you expend your energy. Douglas Kruger is the author of several business books published by Penguin, including the bestselling 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert.' Meet him at

It all begins with the courage to step up. After that, every skill you'll need can be learned. Author and motivational speaker Douglas Kruger looks at the importance of your prerogative in getting going. Douglas is a Hall of Fame and CSP speaker. Eight of his books have been published by Penguin Random House SA. Meet him at Book him as the keynote speaker for your next leadership event.