Here's the scenario: You're delivering a high-stakes presentation that could lead to a large sale. You've successfully framed the issue and used a combination of storytelling and stats to prove the importance of your proposal.

I was describing a luxury car to a friend. Without really thinking about it, I quipped, "It even has peasant-blockers in the back." My friend laughed at this colourful phraseology describing 'rear window blinds,' and his laughter drew my attention to the phrase. It made me wonder where I'd first heard it. It was in a video blog that I regularly follow, and one of the reasons I regularly follow it is because I enjoy the language and humour. Professional speaker Douglas Kruger explores excellent use of language as an expert-positioning technique. See him in action at

Gillette produced an advert that spoke about ‘toxic masculinity.’ The ad exploded. It's been the most talked about topic globally this week. Ostensibly, the goal was to play on a social justice trend, and to encourage men to ‘shave away’ toxic behaviours. Douglas Kruger is the author of two books on expert positioning, two on innovation, and several more. He is an international keynote speaker on the business circuit. To book him as the motivational speaker for your next leadership conference or event, visit

If fortune has smiled on you, not only do you do the thing you love for a living, but you’re also becoming a recognised expert at it. What drew you to it in the first place? Professional Speaker Douglas Kruger explores your first love, and the propulsion that recapturing that sensation can provide for you. See him live at

As part of the research for my newest book, I looked extensively into studies on 'what keeps people poor,' versus 'what determines upward mobility.'

December is an interesting time for aspiring experts. Conference planners and hosts of association events are thinking about next year, but not everything is set in stone yet. Most are still at work, but there’s a moment to breathe. That represents an opportunity. Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker and business author. See him live, or book him as the motivational speaker at your next conference, at