I’m working with an aspiring expert who is frustrated by his lack of customers from social media channels. When I went back and checked his timeline, I discovered he had posted marketing for his business precisely twice. 

I asked about the low instances. He said he didn’t want to overload his friends and connections with advertising; a laudable sentiment. But I’ve been friends with him for years, and I had personally missed even those two instances of marketing when he posted them. Based on his efforts, I didn’t even think of him as the thing he believed himself to be, let alone as a publicly recognised icon in that field. 

I see how this happens myself; this shortfall between our own perceptions and the true reach of our messaging. I have two new books coming out over the next 7 seven months, and my own feeling is that I’ve posted about them to the point of nausea. Yet each time I write an update, someone, who knows me well, will say, ‘Congrats, that’s great news! And when will they be coming out?’ It tells me that they are hearing it for the first time, and reminds me that positioning efforts must be constant. 

Make sure it’s entertaining. Make sure it tells a story, rather than simply being shameless advertising. But keep it up, way beyond what you think may be necessary. You may know yourself to be a certain thing, but it’s entirely possible that your friends and connections are simply not there yet. 

Be clear and be consistent. Keep it up long enough and loud enough and often enough, and the public penny may drop. You may become seen as the greatest in your game. 


Douglas Kruger is an author and professional speaker. View his motivational videos for entrepreneurs at www.douglaskruger.co.za