US content experts seem to excel at it. In SA, and in many other countries, we still haven't taken this one to heart to the extent that we should. Video matters greatly to your expert positioning. 

How much video content do you currently have selling your name online? A best-case scenario is the high-level presentation for the likes of TED, or for a strategic gathering of CEO's. But a simple, two-minute 'how-to' can be just as good. And the sheer weight of such clips can be absolute gold. 

As part of your total strategy, try to mix it up: Upload high-end, high-production content whenever you can, but also upload simple, insightful 'how-to' clips as often as possible. 

The more searchable your videos become, the more you become a face and a voice in the public consciousness. And the more that happens, the more you can be seen as the greatest in your game.