"Yes, but those people have spent years doing that!" 

Imagine if you were so passionate a force, so relentless an innovator, so continuous a producer, so theatrical and memorable a practitioner, and you had been doing it with such sustained excellence for so long, that there really was no alternative to you. You became indelibly etched in the public consciousness as the face of your game. 

Instead of aiming to compete in your industry, imagine if you aimed to become so significant a force as to be synonymous with it. A discussion about your world is inevitably a discussion about you. 

To spur your thinking, this week, take a few minutes to create a short, bullet-point list: What would it take to become 'the face' of your industry? Can you start doing any of these things now?

Try to think long-term with this list: The people who 'own' an industry have spent years- (fill in the blank for your own set of answers). Can you start laying the foundations to become the greatest in your game?