In no scenario does the phrase 'winning the battle, but losing the war' apply more poignantly than when a professional interacts with a bureau that represents them. 

Last week, I witnessed a professional get caught out. 

After a bureau introduced this professional to a client, the professional was asked by the client to come back for a second booking.

Behind the scenes, the professional said, 'Don't worry about going through the agency again. Just book me direct and I'll give you a better price.' Word immediately got back to the agency and the professional was left looking unethical - a few extra grand on a single booking, at the cost of a full and potentially lucrative future relationship.

Short-cuts aren't worth it. True pros simply do the right thing.Not only is it morally correct, but on a purely pragmatic level, it's worth it.

Treat your enablers with respect and you'll get more out of the relationship. Deal honestly and ethically, and over time, you will be seen as worthwhile. Do the right thing and you can become the greatest in your game.