A few days ago, I received a moving phone call. The gentlemen on the other side told me about the rough year he'd had in 2015, and, to my surprise, added that one of the things he looked forward to, as a small point of hope, was following my unfolding story on social media. "I enjoy seeing where you are and what you're doing. There's always something new." 

That was a humbling reminder: The stories we tell can have phenomenal impact on those around us. As industry experts, we are not merely disseminators of information. We are spinners of cracking good yarns, folk-singers and fireside soothsayers. It is our job to draw people into an unfolding narrative, every bit as much as it is to give useful info. 

So, let's talk about your use of social media. Are you multiplying the effect of each idea, by telling it in story form?

Say, for instance, that you are one of the nation's top professional photographers. Are you merely posting the results of your work on social media? Or are you telling the story behind it? 

As you set out to a remote destination in search of that ultimate shot, begin to tell us the tale. When difficulties arise, post something humorous or moving about them. Use show and tell at every stage, and turn it into a narrative for your fans to follow. One great shot can be ten interesting posts. 

It's easy to miss such opportunities. A friend of mine recently launched a business. It's an extremely sexy business, selling high-end underwear online. In order to launch the endeavour, he had two professional models come to his house, where a full camera crew took photos of them stripping down and posing. The photos are going to appear on his new website, but I dot think that's enough. The entire photoshoot should have appeared all over social media, as an interesting, unfolding story. If models stripping at your house doesn't provide juicy story material, then nothing can! And if you're doing it right, you'll also be taking photos of the photos being taken of them. 

Remember, don't just publish the end result. Tell us the story. Give us a fascinating, constantly unfolding narrative of your life adventure. The good, bad and ugly. Once upon a time there was an industry expert: You. Now send that character out into the world, and let us watch what he does...!

Tell fascinating stories, and you will create tribes of followers. Armed with tribes of followers, you can become the greatest in your game.