Apropos nothing, I've decided to learn Spanish. 

The last few weeks have been an exercise in insecurity, as my pride pushes up against my current inability. As an adult, it's hard to persevere in anything you're not already good it. We start to struggle, realise it's uncomfortable, and instantly want to quit. 

Here are a few tricks I've used to keep myself motivated. If you are venturing into new waters - which we should always be doing, as growing, perpetually improving experts - I recommend keeping them in mind:

1. Switch off your pride. Accept your current status as a rank amateur, and be childlike in your willingness to make mistakes in order to learn;

2. It doesn't matter if you're struggling, just let the new information wash over you. In time, it will make sense;

3. Struggle builds myelinated pathways in the brain. When something doesn't make sense, slow down and engage with it. The more you struggle, the more myelin you'll grow. No struggle - no myelin. The struggle itself matters;

4. Don't wait until you 'feel like it.' Immerse yourself completely and relentlessly. 

If we can switch off our all-too-human ego and suspend our frustration, we can learn anything.

Keep it up long enough, and un dias, usted puede poseer su industria.