I’ve just read The Silo Effect, by Fiona Hardingham. 

The gist: As industries become more complex, we increasingly need teams of highly specialised people. However, the more inward-looking these teams become, the worse our silo problems get. People lose track of the bigger picture, and behaviour that makes sense in the microcosm of their own small environment makes no sense whatsoever when applied to the bigger picture. 

As an aspiring industry icon, this problem matters to you too, even if you’re a solo entrepreneur. Zooming back matters. Seeing the bigger picture - the grand narrative - and not just the details at hand, is a sure way to keep on track and not become lost in the minutiae of specialised execution. 

So, this week, here are five questions to encourage you to zoom back, look over barriers, and keep sight of the bigger picture: 

1. Who is the current leader in your industry, and why do you suppose they occupy this position? 

2. What do you believe will be the next big change in your industry, and how are you preparing for it? 

3. What action is overdue from your side in propelling your career to the next level? 

4. What complementary industries interact with yours and do you know what the trends are in their space? 

5. In addition to the specialised skills required in your world, what soft skills make a significant difference

Keep thinking about the bigger picture, and you can own your industry.