Wisdom holds that you should know all the right key players in your industry. That’s a pretty good start. But to become the greatest in your game, you will need a slightly different approach. To become the greatest in your game, all the right key players must know who you are. 

Could you be voted into your industry’s hall of fame? If not, is it because the current thought-leadership in your field - the gliterati of your game - are unaware of you? 

If so, change that. It’s not their job to discover you. It’s your job to be discovered. 

To own your industry, become prominent in the minds that create the current environmental framework. 

What do industry leaders tend to respect? Technical competence is a must, but they also see it as a given. At the level of leadership in any industry, higher values generally come into play. Above and beyond your unquestionable competence, do you portray the values that the top tier hold to be admirable? Do you genuinely care about this industry?

Go forth and rule your world!