(August 2015)


Astonishingly, it’s August. 

Time, then, for a frank mid-year-and-a-bit review of how much has changed for you since January, and how far you’ve come in positioning yourself as an industry expert. Movement up the continuum is our goal, so let’s take stock. 

Here are seven challenging questions. I’ll answer some of them alongside you, to provide examples: 

1. Are you further along now than what you were at this time last year? …further along than you were in January? In my own case, I’ve been working at a higher-level, increasingly consulting to senior management. I’ve had a book published, and another accepted for next year. 

2. What damaging amateur-traits have you culled from your repertoire? I’ve made a point of reducing, to a minimum, the number of reduced-rate engagements I will consider. Discounting yourself does no favours for your expert-positioning. 

3. What systematised changes have you made that have become a regular part of your routine? In my case, I launched this newsletter this year, and have been maintaining it on a weekly basis. 

4. What big projects could you conceivably complete before year-end? I aim to record another audio version of one of my books before December. 

5. Which books have you read, or programmes have you attended, in order to up-skill and discover new strategies for growth? My most profound read of 2015 has been ‘Smartcuts’ by Shane Snow.

6. What personality growth have you enjoyed? Are you more able to assert yourself? Struggling less with saying no? Able to focus more on the important things and dismiss the trivial? Working more disciplined hours? 

7. What extraordinary initiatives have you engaged in since January; high-splash, unusual, golden-moment ideas that force people to reevaluate your value? If you haven’t carried one out yet, can you do so before year-end? Often, it’s the extraordinary moments that truly entitle you to own your industry.