The person who said ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is unfit to run a business and should possibly be court-martialled. In the quest to position yourself as an expert, presentation is everything. 

There is a reason top-end jewellers wrap your simple bracelet in five layers of packaging, a reason new cars have ribbons, books have covers designed by experts and expensive clothes come in boxes that make them seem like treasure for the discovering. There are reasons why you should consider every visual and sensory element of your offering as experienced by your customers. 

Remember that packaging is not merely a means to keep dust out. A way to transmit from here to there. That’s how amateurs think. Packaging is theatre. It is a means to show that you are greater than your competitors, more special, more important. Put thought, effort and funds into your packaging and you can triple the perception of value. Present yourself to the world as though you already own your industry, and soon enough, you will.