Given that experts essentially deal in ideas, it’s tempting to believe that hoarding the best ones might work in your favour. After all, how do you monetise thought leadership if you’re constantly giving it away?  

It turns out that this assumption is false. Being free and liberal with your ideas is actually more lucrative. The more you give your best ideas away for free, the more visible you become, and the more the market comes to you for the implementation.  

Put your ideas into articles, and you will increasingly be engaged to speak on them. Share your concepts in speeches and your market will increasingly seek you out to implement them in their scenario. Giving is more lucrative than hoarding.  

This week, I would like to encourage you to trust in two concepts. The first is that giving away your best ideas for free will lead to more work for you, not less. And the second is that in giving away your best ideas, you will not deplete your reservoir of thought. You will train yourself to live a life of thought-leadership. Trust that you will have more, richer and better ideas as you go, and then you will give those away too, creating ever more visibility and an ever greater customer base for yourself. 

In the spirit of walking my own talk, I have decided to tweet every single part of my new book on innovation that can possibly be turned into a tweet, from cover to cover. Get these ideas for free by following @douglaskruger. 

Give away your best, your most insightful, your most cherished ideas. Give them away regularly and freely, and watch as you begin to own your industry. 

I’m tweeting my whole book.