Would you say that Nigella Lawson is currently the world’s most qualified chef? Do you think she’s in the top ten? Top one hundred?

If not, then why is she out-earning most of that illustrious company combined? And what can we learn from that?

Certainly, high levels of technical competence are an initial prerequisite for becoming the biggest name in your game, and make no mistake, Nigella Lawson has certainly attained the level of expertise necessary to play on the international stage. But beyond a certain level - call it, the ‘entry into the big leagues’ - technical skills cease to be the biggest differentiator. Other factors take over. 

Are you skilled enough to play with the best yet? Then perhaps it’s time to start thinking beyond skill attainment and to start growing a high-level reputation. What might that look like in your industry? Would it mean articles? A TV show? A leadership position? 

Technical excellence opens the door for you. But then it’s up to you to grow it into more, and own your industry.