I’ve always been an avid reader, but a couple of years ago, I downloaded an app that helped me to triple my intake. 

It’s called Audible, and if you haven’t already, I would recommend downloading it today. I signed up for a ‘two audio books a month’ contract, and have been using it ever since, occasionally buying a third and fourth book on any given month. 

It’s remarkable how much new content you can get through while driving, at the gym, or (hypothetically - this may not be a true confession), in the bath. 

I finished listening to the new book on Elon Musk before the paperback was even launched in SA, and I’m currently listening to Stephen Covey’s ‘Speed of Trust.’ I love Audible, and it’s made a significant impact on my capacity to take in ideas.

Which titles could you get through, quickly, just by listening during otherwise unproductive times? Which new books could contribute to you becoming a leader in your industry? This week, I challenge you to listen up, and become the greatest in your game.