Last week, I reviewed Sheryl Sandberg's 'Lean In' for Penguin Random House. At the risk of melodramatic pronouncement, this is one of those books capable of moving our species forward. I believe that if you are a woman, reading it is non-negotiable. You must. Men should too, and will gain just as much for the effort. 

The key principle, that women should actively participate in their careers by 'leaning in' instead of relinquishing, is of paramount importance to anyone building a truly iconic career. 

I have long believed that the biggest component of expert positioning is simple courage, and the biggest barrier, simple fear.  

This week, I challenge you to show an unusual degree of chutzpah. Take that assignment. Push for that opportunity. Shoulder that terrifying responsibility you've been avoiding. Lean in to a degree that surprises even you. This week I challenge you to jump in at the deep end. Force yourself to learn to swim, and move up the ranks of your industry.