I was 22-years-old, just starting out, and asked my agent what I might do to get ahead in my industry. “Write a book,” she said, “And people will perceive you as one step down from God.”

While there may have been a smattering of hyperbole in her statement, (I perceive myself as a minor cherub at best), the underlying principle, that becoming a published author changes things for you, is absolutely true. 

Write a book on your area of expertise and your credibility increases dramatically. Get published by a commercial publisher, and you are seen as an authority in your field. 

I dare you to write your own book. And I’ll push that dare one step further. Don’t take two years to do it. Take four or five months. Get it done and get it done quickly. Urgency and rapid production are your friends in this endeavour…and a title on a bookshelf will do your career great favours ever after. 

Write a book, and you can own your industry.