Thought-leaders are always producing content: articles, guides, videos, media appearances.  

But what happens when your mind is not the fertile breeding ground you need? What if you only have one really good idea? 

If so, two concepts can help you: Repackage and repurpose your concept. 

Focus in on a different aspect of your idea and write a new article about it. Write about it from the perspective of a different industry, or using a different story to illustrate it. With a little effort, you can repackage your primary idea many times over.

Then repurpose your offerings. You’ve been featured in the local newspaper? Offer the same article to a regional publication. Then a national one. Offer it to a talk radio station, then a TV show.

Plan it carefully, and your single idea can give you upward of 30 media hits.

The more you are seen and heard speaking about your idea, the more you become the name at the end of the sentence, “You know who you should talk to about that…?,” and the more you will be seen as an industry expert.