Being perceived as a premium offering is a matter of perceptions, not merely of product. Sometimes that entails the special little things that make an experience out of dealing with you. 

A while back, I bought a new shirt at a high-end store. After complimenting me on my decision with the phrase ‘excellent choice, sir!,’ (which I’m convinced she would have said had I placed a purple, polka-dot thong on the counter), the attendant wrapped my garment, then proceeded to walk around the counter and present it to me.  

As she did so, I swear the shirt gained an echo. It was a simple gesture, but it added a ribbon to the experience.  

The transition from a vendor who hands over a product to a host that creates a ‘total experience’ is one of the markers of a true expert, and a prerequisite for a premium brand. Always add the ribbon, and own your industry.