In the third Terminator movie, Arnie, in machine guise, gives John O’Connor advice to live by (while holding him a foot off the ground by the neck as John squirms like a fish on a line): “Anger,” he declares, “is more useful than despair.” 

Ever felt despair over the rate and pace of your development? Fallen into mental quick-sand when things weren’t going as fast as you needed?     

It’s a trap. The more you fixate over it, the more you slow. The more you slow, the less you do. It is the quintessential self-fulfilling prophecy.

Try this, and do it quickly: 

Turn your despair into anger. Coalesce the vague and useless mist of uncertainty and insecurity into a focused ball of energy, and then do. Specifically, do 5 things that could generate more for you. Don’t spend the morning planning them out; simply do them.

The point is action, not thought. Change your gait, your stride, your gear, your speed, your mode, your momentum, and do them immediately. 5 things. Have them done within the next few hours at most. Life will be different afterwards. You will be different afterwards.

Anger is more useful than despair. Let’s shake your world up right now. Don’t think. Go!