‘Universally inoffensive.’ It’s not the goal. 

In our fearful early days of industry involvement, our desire for approval is all-consuming. Becoming an iconic voice requires the courage to exist on a  bigger scale than that, the strength to be something and to be it with strength.   

Have you inadvertently been trying to portray a ‘kindly old uncle’ persona? Everybody’s sweet aunty? 

This cautious approach will take you so far, but iconic status will always lie beyond it. 

True thought-leaders think strong, speak strong, represent boldness. There are ‘dislikes’ on their YouTube videos. They are something enough to have detractors. 

Certainly, it is not their goal to offend, but it is never something they fear either. 

Be cautious of caution, and fear the pursuit of the overly inoffensive, and you can become the greatest in your game.