I’m reading a book titled ‘Sapiens - A Brief History of Human Kind.’ The author asserts that our most important development after fire was the emergence of ‘fictive language.’ Basic language allowed us to say, ‘Rock,’ ‘fire,’ or ‘bird.’ Fictive language allowed us to describe that which wasn't…but could be. 

Armed with fictive language, we could then plan hunts, describing best and worst-case potential outcomes. We could dream out loud and connect the dots between ideas. We could cooperate in achieving lofty goals. 

The ability to speak in the abstract no less than allowed us to transcend genetics. A dog can still only do, today, what its ancestors were able to do thousands of years ago, limited by genes. But even though our genetics are identical to those of our ancient forebears, fictive language has allowed us to completely transcend physical limitations. 

In ‘Own Your Industry,’ I write about how dearly I love metaphors. I love the human capacity to sum up a complex idea in an abstract way, using quasi-storytelling skills. I argue that metaphorical constructs set apart leading experts (examples including ‘The Naked Chef,’ ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ ‘Foxes and Hedgehogs’ and more.’ 

Today’s Monday Morning Motivator offers this guideline: Creative, metaphorical and abstract language are important. They are the reason we became the greatest in our game on a global scale. The ability to get other human beings to imagine something that you imagine is, fundamentally, the ability that sets us apart. Even in today’s complex industries, speaking in fictive language can still set you apart.

Here’s to you dreaming eloquently…and thereby owning your industry.