Being perceived as an industry expert requires media coverage. This week, I challenge you to find or manufacture a justification for a radio appearance. 

Broadcasters will not let you appear on their shows if you simply ask for free coverage. But if you can contribute intelligent, useful ideas to their listeners, they will rarely say no. 

Here are some approaches: 

-      Be topical and offer to speak about a recent or upcoming event or trend

-      Focus on specific problems and contribute ideas around how they might be solved

-      Speak about insights you’ve learned that may prove useful to others

-      Issue warnings about upcoming changes and suggest approaches that might work going forward

-      Present an entertaining angle or a humorous look at an old subject

-      Take your subject and angle it toward a specific listenership: Gender, political affiliation, etc. 

The more regularly you are featured in the media as a thought-leader, the more people will associate you with your topic or field. The more that happens, the greater your expert positioning. Become the name that people associate with the topic, and you will own your industry.