The universe runs on numbers. So do top performers, and it doesn't only apply in the world of Sales. 

Years ago, I started recording my numbers at gym; amount of weight, numbers of sets, total reps accomplished. Thereafter, I was consistently amazed at how I under-performed before referring to the numbers. I would think that I had reached my limits, but a quick check would reveal that I was only performing at 80% capacity.

Numbers cannot, will not, do not lie. Apply your numbers with discipline and you can conquer anything. Want to write a book in order to position yourself as an expert? Set a word-count for the day; then don't go to bed until you've achieved it. Mastering a skill? Attack Malcolm Gladwell's prescribed '10 000 hours' with structured, measurable chunks of deliberate practice. Growing a career? Find the levers - whether they are a number of contacts made per day, networking events attended per month, or articles written per year - and utterly submit yourself to them. 

Learn the numbers of the top performers in your industry. How much do they really put in? The numbers may awe you, but ultimately, anything known becomes less intimidating.

Numbers. They are your keepers, your masters, your determinants. Let them be your dictators and they will become your liberators.