Instead, picture a single person - one iconic representation - who makes use of your services.  

Think of her as uniquely interested in your specific insights and ideas. She is deeply invested in doing what you say, because she truly believes it will work. This is a seriously-minded person who sees you as the solution. She will follow you, recommend you, learn from you and implement your ideas in order to progress in her own world.  

Now make the situation harsh. Remove all other resources from her world.  

Pretend that her access to knowledge, information, insight, know-how, solutions, paths and plans relies totally and utterly on your input. You are her designated thought-leader and there is no other. If you don’t perform, she fails. If you don’t teach, her growth stops. You are her resource.  

Think of the obligation that places upon you to serve. Think of the switch that creates from hype to value. Think of how important it is that you are ethical and effective.  

Are you writing useful articles often enough for her to genuinely grow? Is your thought-leadership content focused around her benefit, or around advertising yourself? Are you producing often enough and addressing enough of her needs? Are you genuinely her solution? 

Give this idea centrality in your world. All else will follow.