If the slow pace of growth offends you, discipline is the solution. If being seen as an industry amateur is growing tired, discipline is the key to the next plateau. 

I believe deeply and utterly in the power of personal discipline. With it, all things are possible for your growth. Without it, our options become severely limited. Whenever I am asked to identify a single quality that matters more than others in career-growth and success-psychology, I consistently identify discipline. It’s the cornerstone upon which the others stand. 

This week, I uploaded a short, impactful, one-hour audio programme on the topic of discipline to audio site CDBaby.com

Here’s the gist. With discipline in place, books get written. Career moves get made. Reputations are created and goals are achieved. With the compounding effect of daily, disciplined chunks of work, astonishing outputs can be achieved over relatively short periods of time.  

Discipline is the art of going to the gym even when you don’t feel like it; it’s the practice of rising early and producing; it’s the strength to keep at the things that matter most to you, and surprise others who inevitably say, ‘How on earth did you do it?’ Discipline is always the answer.

I like to look at this way: Do you really want to watch another December go by without that goal under your belt? If the slow pace of growth offends you, Discipline is the answer. If you are remunerated as an industry amateur, discipline is the key to the next plateau. Only the truly disciplined ever become the greatest in their game.