If ever you study how ‘talent’ is developed in the human brain, you’ll quickly discover that ‘Myelin’ is the new black. 

I’ve been reading about how struggle helps to grow this incredible substance in the human brain. Basically, the longer you grapple with ‘how to do a thing,’ the more myelin you develop. Myelin helps your neurons to connect faster and to carry more signals, quicker. Growing it through constant practice is similar to developing ‘broadband’ for the human brain. 

By coincidence, at about the same time as I was reading about this phenomenon, I happened to overhear someone complaining about their lack of advantages in life. “God didn’t give me anything; nothing but constant struggles.” 

Here’s a Copernican Revolution: Perhaps a better way to look at it is, “God blessed me with the ultimate opportunity to become supremely talented.” Struggle sustained is the very stuff of talent. No opportunity to struggle = no talent. 

I guess it’s all about how you look at life. Perhaps becoming the greatest in your game is less about having all of the answers than it is about having the opportunity to struggle long enough and hard enough to find them.