Prosperity. If you were raised in a middle-class or working-class family, chances are it doesn't come naturally to you. We see ourselves in a certain light, haloed by the background of our youth, our struggles and our circumstances, and it affects our choices. How? We negotiate based on how powerful we perceive ourselves to be. We fight for and accept only as much we believe ourselves worthy of having. 

What if you changed your own perceptions around your value? Imagine the strength with which you might negotiate. Imagine if you altered your own narrative and believed yourself to be worth more. Multi-millionaires go broke or bankrupt many times over but still believe themselves to be wealthy. Their perception is that they simply don't have cash at this point in time. Today, raise your value before your own eyes, and buy into the idea that you are going to be something amazing in the universe. You are going to become the greatest in your game. 

Here's to your success story!