Got five minutes? Grab a sheet of paper and do this quickly: 

In simple bullet-points, write down the characteristics of the ultimate player in your industry. 

Assume the kind of person who is already at the top of this game. What would such a person have? What would such a person be? What are their characteristics, their qualifications? 

To what extent can you get your head around genuinely adding these things to your personal profile? By way of recognition of your own efforts to date, how many do you already have? 

Life is too nuanced, too intricate, for there ever to exist something as simplistic as an ‘absolute blueprint’ for success. Each success story must necessarily be unique. Yet it is the qualities of successful people which are the great constants. These individuals - the people in the bullet-points - will find their way through the unique pathways and challenges to the heights of success because of the kind of people they are. 

To own your industry, pursue the person you see in the bullet-points. Start with the clear knowledge of who that person must be.