Owning an industry means proving your worth, beyond all doubt, on a near industrial scale. To what degree is that your current focus?

The worth of a top-name expert is so patently obvious that price-stickers cease to apply. Buyers understand that it’s well worth the outlay to get the results. The act of becoming a top-name expert, therefore, is largely the art of convincing buyers that your results are worth the outlay. Perhaps many times over. 

Is it absolutely, patently, obviously self-evident that paying for you will bring returns on an exponential scale? …To what degree does your marketing and PR make that plain? To what extent do your results and testimonials? Or does your messaging simply focus on the greatness and gloriousness of you? 

Display your worth by displaying your results, by clarifying and quantifying the results you get for clients and by making it patently obvious why an investment in you is a vote for a more prosperous future. Make your intangibles obvious, and own your industry.