When Reg Lascaris and John Hunt decided to start Africa’s most successful advertising agency (a feat they achieved in the form of TBWA / Hunt Lascaris), they began with no funds, no people, no infrastructure and no clients. But they had one driving purpose and it was certainly not just to be ‘among’ the top players. It was, quite simply, to own the top spot. 

Their vision statement (inspired by a few beers and a rather gung-ho conversation), became ‘To own the first world-class agency out of Africa,’ to which they later tagged the inspiring addendum, ‘Because life’s too short to be mediocre.’ 

Deciding to be ‘good’ is not nearly as effective as deciding to be ‘the very best.’ 

How audacious are your goals? Deciding to be ‘good’ allows a great deal of leeway. Deciding to the very best inspires much more obsessive behaviour, and that’s a recipe for higher-level thinking and more intense levels of research, practice and performance.

Whether your goal is to become the highest paid consultant in your industry, or the most renowned creative mind in your field, the biggest brand or the first to market, this will always be your first step: Obsess about being the best. Don’t aim for good. Aim for ‘the greatest.’ Don't aim for 'relevant.' Go for 'significant.' And own your industry.