Teaching others is an effective way to position yourself as a thought-leader. The longer you keep it up, the stronger your branding becomes. 

But putting out content over the long term is challenging. How can you continually generate new ideas, new insights, new topic matter?

In a recent YouTube video, I pointed out that you might double your content by teaching the negative side of your subject matter. For instance, if you teach 'how to become rich,' you can also share info on 'what causes poverty.'

Here is another way to enlarge your repertoire: Provide diagnostic tools.

You've seen them in magazines and on social media: 'Take this quiz to discover which particular Gummy Bear you are.'

The formula is simple. Give your audience the questions they need in order to test themselves: 'Answer these five questions and determine your leadership style.' Whatever your topic matter, there are outcomes your audiences want to achieve. Give them a means by which to discover how close they are, or how much they still need to do.

By interspersing taught content with occasional diagnostic tests, you gain an extra tool. Expanding your range this way can help you to 'own' your industry.

Douglas Kruger is a bestselling author and professional speaker. Visit www.douglaskruger.com