Now that you have a few years’ experience under your belt, try this thought-exercise: Imagine that you meet a promising newcomer to the industry. You instantly like this person. They’re brimming with energy, rearing to go, eager to make their mark. The optimism is infectious.

They take you aside and ask a simple question: ‘What should I do if I want to become the very best?’

You spend the next hour giving the most in-depth and useful advice you can think of - all the qualities they should develop, people they should meet, initiatives they should launch and moves they should make. Once you’re done, you believe that the newcomer is genuinely equipped for greatness, if they will only follow your advice.

If you try this thought-experiment, and actually spend a half hour lecturing your imaginary protégé, you may discover something fascinating. I believe you will realise that you yourself are not currently doing what you would advise. There is often a gap between what we know to be the steps to genuine eminence, and what we accept from ourselves, simply because we are busy, or have a certain established daily inertia.

This week, try the exercise, and try it in the abstract, as though you were genuinely advising a third party.

The results may surprise you. They may provide focus. They may even spur you on to 'own' your industry.

Douglas Kruger is a bestselling author and 'Hall of Fame' professional speaker. Visit