You've spent years now developing your abilities. Where would you currently peg yourself? Competent? Professional? Perhaps even 'masterful'? 
One sure measure of aptitude attained is 'thoughtless ease,' or the capacity to do it without thinking about it. 

If you have arrived at this level, you face what can easily become a talent cap. So what if you didn't let that be the end of it? What if you made the conscious choice to go further, to add artistry to your current level of performance? 

You can do this regardless of the level in question.

lf you are 'functionally good,' how about thinking strategically about becoming 'excellent'? If you are excellent, how about thinking strategically about adding art and flourish? Wherever you are, the question becomes: what does one step up look like for you today?

Refuse the cul-de-sac of ease, push yourself further, and you will have made the choice to become an expert.

Douglas Kruger is a bestselling business author and 'Hall of Fame' professional speaker. Meet him at