‘We’re all the same.’  

On the surface it’s a noble ideal. In practice, human sameness would be the end of innovation, the end of progress, the end of individual greatness. In a world of utter equality, Michael Jackson would have been an unacceptable anomaly; Branson an aberration to be abhorred.  

Equality before the law? Yes. Equality of opportunity? Yes. All people are equal? Not on your life. High achievers live and think and act and see things very, very differently, and there impact is exponentially greater.  

As Seth Goden expresses in his excellent book, ‘The Icarus Deception,’ you have been encultured to think small, to think compliant. Will society win? Will it ‘same’ you?  

Rioters and dreamers rule the world. 

This week, seek distinction. We are not nameless, faceless humanity. We are wonderously unique individuals with profoundly personal strengths. Our chief poem and tribute to the Creator is to use them.  

Stand out and become the greatest in your game. And never apologise for it.