Welcome to one century down the road from the roaring 1920s!  

Each year, I like to think of a 'theme' by which to view the months and opportunities ahead. Today, I invite you to review this one for consideration, as you construct the mind-scape from which you will operate: 

Drop the 'everything is awful' narrative

If you've spent more than two minutes on social media lately, you will have witnessed scores of people engaging in it: The unthinking sharing of 'how awful this year has been' commentary. 'What a disaster 2018 was! And 2019 was even worse!' - as though we were living through some ceaseless rolling apocalypse. The memes generally include a depiction of 'next year' lurking around the corner, poised to mug us and take our lunch money.

The truth, however, does not fit the narrative.

Certainly, my nation has had a rough time economically over the past couple of years. Yet the global picture has never been more positive.

For instance, were you aware that in the past decade, humanity generated 28% of all the wealth ever created in the entire history of our species? ...and that as a result of doing so, we halved extreme poverty? Or that child mortality rates were reduced by a third during that period, or that death from pollution was reduced by 19 percent?

That's not just good; it's breathtaking, bordering on the miraculous.

So why does it matter how we view the world? Because a fundamentally pessimistic attitude leads to corresponding behaviours. If I believe society is going to hell in the proverbial bucket, I would never consider opening a business, investing in youth, starting a family, beginning to write a book, or a range of other activities premised on fundamental optimism.

Narrative matters. Its lens effect changes how we perceive, act and live. And we can do great damage if we do not premise our narrative on truth.

This year, could you commit to ditching the 'everything is awful' narrative? Could you join me in pointing out the triumphs, and attempting, in whatever small way we may, to spread humanity's rightfully-earned optimism instead?

I hope I may enlist you. The change would improve your outlook, and you might then impact upon the worldview of others as well.

Meanwhile, on my YouTube channel this week, I will share two more thought-proposals for 'themes to live by' in 2020, along with three thoughts on 'politically correct ideas to drop.' If you would like to see my free videos each weekday, click on the video below and subscribe to the channel.

Here's to your prosperity in 2020, based on the inspiring facts, and not on doom 'n gloom narrative.

Douglas Kruger is a bestselling author and motivational speaker. Visit www.douglaskruger.com