Last week, I delivered a simple presentation for a chapter of Mensa. I edited out a ten-minute clip, and so far, it has had over 10,000 views on YouTube.

(watch it here: video).

With a little lateral-thinking, it’s amazing what can be turned into useful online content, provided you’re thinking about it consciously. A live speech is one example. Here’s another: Next week, I have a meeting with an editor. I plan to ask a couple of questions, including what mistakes she sees authors making on a regular basis, and what type of content editors are looking for right now. That will become another YouTube clip.

So long as it teaches or entertains, you can use it to position yourself as an expert. Just remember to film it.

Do you have an upcoming meeting with someone influential? Would they permit you to conduct a two-minute interview and ask them a couple of pertinent questions? How about an upcoming speech or presentation? Your third option is a panel discussion, which tends to work even better, given the informative yet casual nature of the setting.

As a fourth option, perhaps you have a motivational article, which can be turned into an inspiring montage using stock footage, something like this:

Another winner is the ‘on-the-fly’ video, in which you casually film yourself chatting about something that has been on your mind. You can do this while driving, using a simple camera mount, or at an interesting venue. Outdoors works just as well. These videos tend to be extremely informal, and yet, that very fact often makes them successful. That’s option five.

I keep a notes folder on my phone titled ‘YouTube video ideas.’ If I can’t shoot the idea immediately as it comes to me, I will at least capture it for later. The important part is to get into the habit of generating content, and of constantly thinking about what might qualify.

Generate good content, and you will create an online following. Grow your following with constant uploads of interesting content, and you could become the recognised expert.

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