You can publish ten poorly edited books…or you can write ‘From Good to Great,’ and become iconic. In a straight contest, quality will win out over quantity every time. This is an important lesson in an age that emphasises content, creating the temptation to simply churn it out without inspiration or significant depth.

Over the past week, I’ve been studying videos about how to grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube recently ‘featured’ some of my work, and the results were amazing: I picked up some twenty thousand subscribers practically overnight. As a result, I’m taking my channel a little more seriously than I have before, thinking of it as a true strategic element in my mix, and educating myself on the business of running a successful one.

One of the recurring themes I see among the world’s top YouTube personalities is that simple observation: It’s not about how often you put out content. It’s about how compelling the content is: Do you fret over the right thumbnail to represent the video? Do you spend time and energy on crafting just the right title? Are your videos cleverly thought out, well scripted, full of interesting insights?

These things do not have to be expensive to work well. It’s more about care than it is about money spent on production, and it’s more about interest-value than it is about ‘perfection.’ A well-scripted but genuinely fascinating ‘chat’ can out-perform something filmed by a professional crew, provided that it's heartfelt, clever, humorous or insightful.

Think of it this way: If you create one video that gets a million views, that represents a tenfold greater success than producing ten videos that each get ten thousand views. Factored this way, it’s worth slowing down and doing something brilliant, rather than hurtling through endless production that throws up only small numbers.

My best performing video is the one featured in the link below, currently sitting at just over 660,000 views. What is your ‘most read’ or ‘most viewed’ instance of production? Could you create something that generates high viewership, high-followership, or high-readership, in one go, rather than labouring daily for small numbers?

Again: One video with one million views is worth ten times as much as ten videos with ten thousand views a piece.

Put care into the quality - hit just the right emotional chords - and you could own your industry.

Douglas Kruger is a bestselling business author and global speaker. Visit