If you know even a little more about a topic than others, you can teach, and you can charge money for your insights.

That is an assertion by Brendan Burchard, bestselling author of ‘The Millionaire Messenger.’ Burchard advocates becoming the kind of expert we might picture at the centre of a spider-diagram, with outwardly radiating lines depicting different revenue streams: videos, podcasts, speeches, products, seminars and more.

It is amazing what can be monetised.

For instance, you don’t have to have an eight-year doctorate in neurosurgery under your belt to earn formidable revenue. You might, for example, teach something fairly broad and simple, such as how to flirt, or how to overcome fear. There is significant money to be made in such highly-valued and broadly useful topic matter. The real key to this form of expert positioning is a sufficiently large customer base.

Enter: ‘Free trials,’ one of your greatest tools for showing your value to the world.

Here is an example from my industry. I have recently launched the paperback plus audio version of my new book with Penguin, 'Poverty Proof: 50 Ways to Train Your Brain for Wealth.’ Earlier this week, I turned the first chapter into a YouTube video and made it available for free.

To date, this little sample has enjoyed six-and-a-half thousand views and the numbers are climbing. Each view constitutes advertising for the product, by means of sampling and giving away some initial value for free.

Could you use this technique to build a revenue stream? Perhaps even a significant one? What would be the simplest way for you to do it? Perhaps an audio seminar, teaching on your area of expertise? …Then give away the first lesson for free as a sample?

Revenue streams from digital products can go global. It is not entirely unthinkable that you could run an entire enterprise from home in this manner. You need a fairly simple mix: Insights into how to do something an audience finds valuable; good material leading people toward that goal; and, sufficient marketing that people come to know you as the source of this insight. Providing free samples goes a long way toward achieving these goals.

Show them the value of what you can teach, and you could own your industry…from the comfort of your own home.

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Douglas Kruger is a bestselling author on the topics of wealth and leadership. Visit his site at www.douglaskruger.com.