By definition, experts tend to spend a great deal of time 'showing the way.' This might entail pioneering, or it might entail teaching.

But that's not the only way forward. Occasionally, it's worth relinquishing the reins and letting your audience lead.

For example, over the course of the past month, I wrote a new book. It represented a frenzied, feverish period of productivity in my life, as I turned a few notes (some 8,000 words) into a completed manuscript (of about 115,000 words).

I then created a video (available here), in which I asked my audiences what they might like to know about the book-writing craft and industry. I will collate the best questions and queries, and turn the results into an educational video.

What might you offer to turn into an article, podcast or seminar? Perhaps you already send out information, in the form of videos or newsletters. Have you ever tried asking them what they want?

Take the back-seat for a spell, and let them drive. They may draw content out of you you never knew you had.

Douglas Kruger is a leading keynote speaker and one of Penguin Random House SA's bestselling authors. Visit