Here is a simple list of expert-positioning actions. We are now into the 8th month of this year. Take a look over the list, and next to each item, assign a number corresponding to your own production.

- Books written this year:

- Qualifications obtained this year:

- Industry accolades received this year:

-Articles written this year:

- Media interviews in which you were featured this year:

- Media features pertaining to you this year:

- Live presentations on your area of expertise this year:

- Papers published this year:

- YouTube videos created this year:

- Conventions at which you were featured this year:

- New products that you created this year:

How do your numbers look? Given that there are still four months remaining, which three sets of metrics could you grow? Articles and YouTube videos are probably the easiest candidates. You can create a couple of videos between now and December. What else might you increase before year-end?

Change your metrics, and you could change the shape of your year. Out-produce your competitors, and you could own your industry.

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