Let’s assume your goal is to become the leading name in stamp-collecting. One of the most powerful ways to achieve that is to write a book on the topic, which helps to position you as an expert. But here is an important caveat: It’s not enough to simply write ‘another look at.’ You can do better.

In my first book on expert-positioning, ‘Own Your Industry,’ I speak about the importance of novel frameworks. A novel framework is your own unique way of presenting the ideas and information in which you specialise. A good framework is slightly more specific, slightly more niched, slightly more compelling than the stock fare, and it makes use of a different angle, premise or promise to previous books published on the topic.

The best examples of well-known frameworks include titles like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,’ and ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ For one of my books on presentation skills, I used the framework: ‘How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint.’

So what’s your novel angle? What’s your new-and-unusual take on the topic? ‘A History of Stamp-Collecting’ won’t do it. That will not bring media attention to you and it will not result in calls for you to speak on the intriguing topic. But ‘Stamped Out! How to go from Amateur to Billionaire in your Backroom,’ just might. Or you might go with the unpredictable: ‘Using Stamp-Collecting to Overthrow the Video Game Crowd.’

Your framework needs a certain energy, a certain specificity. So what unusual and highly specific thing can you say about your topic? Could you write that book?

Author a new and novel framework, and you just might own your industry.

Douglas Kruger is a bestselling author and business speaker. Meet him at www.douglaskruger.com