I’ll never forget the day my agent, and now good friend, changed the course of my career. I asked her the question, “What is the most effective thing I can do to elevate my career?” Her unhesitating answer was to write a book, and the impact this insight has made upon my career is inestimable.

This week, I launch my seventh book with Penguin (and my eighth commercial publication). If you’d like access even before it hits the stores, the audio version is already live at audible.com, read by me.

But while writing books is a foundational cornerstone of expert-positioning, it’s not the aspiring expert’s only option. Top experts today are active across a range of media. And with that observation, here is my challenging question to you this week: How is your total body of production stacking up?

If you have a book, that’s great, and if you have several, that is truly excellent. Now how are your article contributions coming along? If you’ve published articles, that’s great too. Now how many of your videos can I find online?

It’s generally not a single medium, but the cumulative effective of many media, that make you a truly established expert. So which medium could use a little work in your career?

I would suggest turning your act of addressing this area into a programme, rather than leaving it to chance. Say, for instance, you decide to increase your video blogs. Good move. But don’t do it informally; rather commit to a set number of uploads, for instance, one per week.

Increase the total body of your creative output, and you could become the industry leader.

PS. May I ask you a favour? If you see ‘Poverty Proof’ on the shelves, or if you download the audio version, please take a photo and tag me on social media. Thanks so much! And here’s hoping it contributes to your financial success!

Douglas Kruger is a bestselling author and professional speaker, Meet him at www.douglaskruger.com