Non-sheep stand out badly. 

Left-field thinking, of the ilk that fails to fit the cookie-cutter mould, must necessarily seem very noticeable to anyone who is essentially a compliant cookie. Sheep feel uncomfortable around those who ignore the traditional steps. 

But persevere in your creative, lateral thinking; the kind that doesn’t ask ‘how do people usually behave,’ and rather asks, ‘what needs to be done?’, and you will ultimately rise above the sheep. 

That’s when a funny thing happens. Fear and distance turn to awe and admiration. The sheep start to love you. 

Your thinking is a little unusual? Unorthodox? Lateral, different, creative, strategic? Weird? Hang in there. You will only be an outcast until you win. Then you’ll be hailed as a hero.

Stick to your guns, O beautiful oddity. Be strategic, and own your industry.