If you're paying attention, truly listening, clients tell you what's important to them. Pick up on these cues and use them in your marketing, and you can start hitting all the right notes in your marketing.

I was consulting for the CEO of a luxury car brand. He needed someone to guide one of his divisions through a disruptive period of change. As we spoke, he reflected some of my own language back to me: ‘I like that phrase you used: It’s about how to be the best version of themselves through trying times.’

I’ve now added that phrase into my marketing for all things related to disruptive change. Clearly it strikes a chord for someone facing that challenge. It helps high-level buyers to verbalise what they're hoping to achieve.

The client will tell you what they care about, provided you care to listen. Develop an ear for it. Write down their phrases too. The more attuned to language you become, the higher your hit rate, AND the greater your depth of service delivery, because you will know precisely what they want, right down to the level of nuance.

Win more clients, and serve them more effectively, and you could own your industry.

Douglas Kruger is a multiple award-winning professional speaker, focusing on innovation, agile culture and expert positioning. Books like his, ‘They’re Your Rules, Break Them!’ are bestsellers, informing his conference presentations for leadership delegates. Book him as the keynote speaker for your next conference at www.douglaskruger.com.