Your workload has been astounding. It's felt like you're catapulting through your calendar, just trying to breathe. But suddenly, the momentum dies down, the clouds part, and you find yourself with an open week. Given that block of time, what could you do that might significantly propel your career goals?

My own 2019 has been extremely busy. But around the corner, I have an entire week with no speeches, no training, and no media interviews. I'm going to use that opportunity to do a voice-recording of one of my books for the Audible site. I might not complete it in that time, but I'll certainly get through most of it. 

A week is a significant chunk of time, if viewed strategically. 

What big project have you been putting off? Do you have an open period on the horizon? What if, instead of allowing daily demands of low-importance to simply chew it up, you used the time on something big? Something that really moves you forward?

Clever use of time may be all we really have. When the chance comes around, make sure you turn open blocks of time to your advantage. 


Douglas Kruger is a multiple award-winning professional speaker, focusing on innovation, agile culture and expert positioning. Books like his, ‘They’re Your Rules, Break Them!’ are bestsellers, informing his conference speeches for leadership audiences. Book him as the motivational speaker for your next conference or event at