Your mind belongs to you and you are permitted to think freely.

This is no small statement. 

If you live in a nation, and among a people, who permit you to think freely, to read anything you want to read, and to voice thoughts contrary to those of the national leadership or religion, without fear of imprisonment or death, take a moment this Monday morning to think about how wonderful this is. 

There are billions of sentient human beings on this planet who do not have those rights. Imagine what it means not to be permitted to think for yourself; to be forbidden a contrary opinion. 

Thinking - free and genuine thinking, without fear of reprisal - is a magnificent and precious gift.

Here follows yet another week in which you are free to dream, free to imagine, free to create the life you desire based upon your gift of thought, which is yours to wield as a free individual. 

The best show of gratitude for any gift is its full and complete usage. Here's to you letting your light shine. Here's to you becoming the greatest in your game!