I was coaching a group of executives in presentation skills and we got to discussing ways to handle nerves. One gentleman confided to the group that his jitters are so severe that before presentations, he experiences a sort of 'white-out', which is a biological fraction away from a flat-out faint. He drifts back in, then finds himself wondering where he is. His colleagues expressed their surprise at this, saying that they didn't perceive him as nervous at all. 

I'm often fascinated by the internal struggles we face against that simplest of all demons: Fear. If you've spent a few years mastering a skill, it's easy to forget just how terrifying it all is for newcomers. 

As an aspiring expert, do you teach or coach? Do you write articles or create videos in which you guide and refine? Don't forget to address that simple but often all-consuming fear factor. It's very real for your audience, and your insights into how to overcome it may be the most important thing you share with them.  

I tend to forget this one myself. I get so caught up in explaining skills, approaches, methods and principles, that I often forget the most fundamental thing of all; my audiences are afraid of trying. 

Address their fears, help them to overcome their own inner turmoil, and you could own your industry. 


Douglas Kruger is a multiple award-winning speaker, focusing on innovation and expert positioning. Books like his, ‘They’re Your Rules, Break Them!’ are bestsellers informing his conferences speeches for leadership audiences. Book him as the motivational speaker for your next event at www.douglaskruger.com .