Last week, I bought myself a car I've desired for years. It's a Jaguar XJ, and its sense of theatricality is delightful. 

Since then, I've noticed something. Whenever I've parked in an open parking lot, I arrive to find that the big cat has found a friend. Other Jaguar drivers tend to park their cars beside mine. 

Not many brands enjoy this level of cult-following. Harley Davidson certainly has it. I can remember being loaned a Subaru for a week, and other Subaru drivers flashed their lights as they passed the other way. 

A cult following is arguably the highest and most successful incarnation of brand-positioning. Not only do people effectively brag about membership in your club, but they feel a sense of lifestyle camaraderie with others who have made the same choice. 

How much would it take for your brand to enjoy that level of iconic renown? At the lowest levels, a brand is a 'grudge purchase.' Near the summit of brand accomplishment is the scenario in which people brag about membership. The peak is when they gather in cult groups to celebrate their love of what you have created. Work to position your brand at the peak, and you will own your industry. 


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