There are several security companies operating in my area. I only ever really see one of them, and that’s an interesting point.   

It’s not just that their cars patrol the neighbourhood and greet people as they drive in and out of their homes. It’s not just their participation in community policing forums, or the fact that they will gladly assist even non-members. The thing that catches my eye is the way they set up a show of presence each morning. 

On the main thoroughfare in and out of our town, you will see a fleet of their freshly polished vehicles, lights ignited and flashing, and they’re there every day. 

It’s pure theatre, and at the same time, it’s good business. The point is to create a show of presence. 

Think of your industry. Beyond your competence, beyond your excellence, do you have a systematised ‘show of presence’? What do you do by design that makes you so visible, so apparent, that you are the ‘only security company on the block.’ 

Become by far the most visible, and you could own your industry. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker and the author of several business books. See him in action, or book him as the motivational speaker for your next leadership conference, at